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Below you will find a full list of treatments and prices, please contact me if you have any queries and to make appointments on 913211797 or by email
Aromatherapy Associates established in 1985. The company has unrivalled reputation among the worlds leading spas for its premium therapeutic products.
All Aromatherapy Associates products contain high levels of active ingredients and no synthetic colour, fragrances or petro-chemically derived ingredients. Minimum levels of food grade preservatives required for product safety are used in gels and lotions. All face, body and bath oils are 100% pure natural plant oils with no added colour or synthetic preservatives. They use only the finest quality essential oils, extracted from organically grown, original single species plants.Vegetable carrier oils are cold pressed and of the highest standard.
No mineral oils, GM products or animal products – with the exception of Beeswax – are used and Aromatherapy Associates products are not tested on animals
Renew Rose Radiance: 60mins                                                                   55€
A luxurious, relaxing treatment using organically grown rose preparations to soften and soothe the skin. Stress relieving massage techniques are used to release tension in the scalp, neck, shoulders and face. Your skin is left toned, polished, delicately scented and simply radiant. Glowing from inside out!
Renew Rose Anti-Age Facial: 75mins                                                      60€
Specially designed for mature, dry and devitalised skins. Uses the age-old properties of rose and frankincense to smooth and revitalize skin texture, encouraging skin renewal. Includes hydrating and rejuvenating gel and mud masks interspersed with a relaxing facial massage that concentrates on the areas most affected by the aging process. Skin is left conditioned and toned and spirits uplifted.
Balance Facial: 60mins                                                                                    65€
Tailored for men or women with oily and combination skin. This pore refining facial works deep using the natural antiseptic properties of Lavender and Tea-Tree to condition the skin and balance the skins natural oils.
Extra Relaxing Facial: 90mins                                                                      75€
Begin your hour and a half of total relaxation with a 30 minute aromatherapy back, neck and shoulder massage, followed by a stress relieving, purifying facial treatment. Yield to the effects of deep cleansing, exfoliating and toning, incorporating a scalp, neck, shoulder and facial massage. While the skin benefits from the facial mask a relaxing hand and arm massage releases strain.
Express Facial: 30mins                                                                                     40€
Designed as a quick freshen up or as a taster treatment. This facial will leave your skin cleansed, toned, polished and nourished. As the mask absorbs you have a choice of scalp or hand massage.
Stress Relieving Eye Treatment: 25mins                                               40€
Specially designed for the delicate eye area. Drain away puffiness and dark circles, reduce the appearance of fine lines, soothe and hydrate with specialist products and lymphatic and pressure point massage. For that extra relaxing effect a scalp massage is performed while the eyes benefit from a soothing eye mask. Especially beneficial for those who wear contact lenses and glasses, work with computers or suffer from hay fever and other allergies.
Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage 25mins                                               40€
Deep, relaxing massage to appease typical tensions in the back, neck and shoulder area using a plain oil.
Back, Neck Shoulder Decollete and Scalp45mins                                45€
Deep relaxing massage to release tensions in the back, neck shoulders and across the tops of the pectorals and scalp. 
Full Body Massage: 55mins                                                                                50€
Promote a sense of relaxation with this deep Swedish style massage, firm and invigorating to relieve muscle tension and stress. Using a plain oil.
Full Body Massage: 75mins                                                                                55€
As above including face and scalp
Indian Head Massage: 25mins                                                                         40€
The development of massage techniques practised for thousands of years, including the Ayurvedic principles and chakra balancing, creates this wonderfully de-stressing treatment. This treatment is performed sitting up and works on the top of the back, upper arms, neck, shoulders, scalp and face; improves concentration, relieves tension headaches, anxiety, eyestrain, and sinus problems.
Hot Stone Full Body Massage: 90mins                                                                 70€
Massage with hot stones for deeper relaxation of the mind and body. The heat of the stones relaxes even the tightest muscles and aids manipulation of the muscles. A very relaxing, benificial must try treatment- especially in the winter months. 
Hot Stone Back,Neck and Shoulder Massage: 40mins                                    50€
As above, a very benificial treatment working over the back neck and shoulders.
Hot Poultice Massage90mins                                                                             110€
A very indulgent treat. Must be booked with good notice as Poultices are made especially for this treatment. A poultice is a cotton or linen bundle, filled with herbs, spices or flowers depending on the effect required, warmed and used for massage with warmed oils and deep tissue techniques. Covering the back, back of legs, decollete and arms. 
Reiki: 75mins                                                                                                               45€
Combines the power healing energies of Rei and Ki – Universal life force energy – with gentle balancing of the body’s subtle energies, to release blocked energy on many levels. Energy flows into the areas of most imbalance, working on the root of the problem. Anyone can benefit from Reiki, as it is a very relaxing treatment and works on relieving stresses and tension in the mind, and allows the body and spirit to heal. The client remains fully clothed throughout the treatment, while the practitioner gently applies their hands on or just above various parts of the body.
De-Stress Muscle Release:55mins                                                                        55€
A deep and meaningful all over body massage treatment designed to work on stiff, tight and fatigued muscles and joints after sports or a day of physical stress and strain. Involves special warming oils and intensive deep tissue techniques to warm, manipulate and ease the body with stretching and drainage to release and disperse.
Conditioning and Relaxing Back Treatment: 55mins                           60€
A treat for this hard to reach area. Perfect for problem skins or just a good cleanse. Treatment starts with a cleanse and exfoliate, a mask is then applied and allowed to absorb while foot and leg tension and muscle aches are eased away with soothing massage. This treatment concludes with a relaxing aromatherapy massage to relax, de-stress and improve skin condition.
Body Scrub: 25mins                                                                                                    25€          
Great on its own or before any massage treatments. A mix of ground olive stones are rubbed over the body to remove dead skin cells, encouraging cell renewal and allowing proper absorption of oils and creams to leave your skin silky smooth.
Bowen Therapy:60 mins                                                                                            30€ - 55€
A dynamic fascial and muscle release body treatment using single moves applied across muscles, tendons and ligaments to improve the flow of blood, lymph and energy. Ideal for work on traumas, injuries and the frail. Treatment time and cost may vary.  
Fingers and Toes
In my manicures and pedicures I use Jessica, the worlds No.1 Natural Nail Care System. The combination of treatments and colours, and Jessica’s, ZenSpa, aromatherapy-based pedicure, make up a complete range of the highest quality, which is renowned throughout the world.
With all manicures and pedicures a choice of colour, French or American Polish is available at no extra charge. Gel Polish can be added as extra. 
Express Manicure: 30mins           14€
Quick tidy up treatment for hands that are already in good condition. For a more beautifying treatment nails are shaped and painted, or for a more conditioning treatment nails are shaped and cuticles pushed back.
Basic Care Manicure: 45mins     18.50€
A quick manicure to smarten up the hands. Nails are shaped, cuticles pushed back and nails are painted.
Indulgent Manicure: 55mins      25€
A treatment Manicure with exfoliation, cuticle work, hands and forearm massage to release tension, and nails are shaped and painted to complete this indulgent manicure.
Express Pedicure: 30mins            15€
A quick tidy for feet already in good condition. Hard skin is filed then for a more beautifying treatment nails are shaped and painted or, for a more conditioning treatment nails are shaped and cuticles pushed back.
Basic Care Pedicure: 45mins      20€
A basic pedicure to smarten up the feet. Hard skin is filed, cuticles pushed back and nails are painted.
ZenSpa Pedicure: 75mins            33€
Indulgent foot and leg treatment, using aromatherapy based products for softer smoother feet. Heels are filed, an exfoliator is briskly massaged over the foot and up the lower leg then a harsher salt scrub is used to polish over the foot. Feet are then soaked in a warm aromatherapy foot spa. Foot lotions are applied with cuticle creams to soften. Cuticles are pushed back and nails are shaped and polished to finish.
Add Geleration, Jessicas no. 1 Gel-Polish to any manicure or pedicure for long lasting results. This is a hybrid between Gel and Polish, a beautiful range of colours, enamel to last longer on the nails, with no damage. If you want to purchase a gel polish remover to be able to remove at home, please let us know when you book so we can bring your retail product with us.  +10€

St.Tropez Tan
Full Body Tanning Treatment: 90mins                                                                         55€
Starting with a full body scrub to remove dead skin with St.Tropez body polish, moisturiser is then applied to hands, feet, elbows and knees and the cream tan is blended in. The tan is buffed at the end to make the base colour more gentle. The tan needs to be left on the skin for 8 hours.
Half Body Tanning Treatment: 60mins                                               40€
As above but on either the upper half or lower half of the body only.
Forget daily shaving. Forget shaving altogether. Waxing has brilliant results – feel them with pride. With the soothing antiseptic effects of Green Tea wax, hair is removed quickly and hygienically, leaving smooth hair free results for up to 4-6 weeks.
Half Leg 30 mins                                16€
Three-quarter Leg 40 mins              18€
Full Leg 45 mins                                 25€
Under Arm 15 mins                            8€
Forearm20 mins                                 10€
Bikini20 mins                                      10€
Lip10 mins                                            8€
Chin 10 mins                                        8€
Full Leg and Bikini Line 45 mins     30€
Brazilian Bikini Wax: 45mins            25€
Removal of all bikini hair excluding a small strip at the top.
Hollywood Wax: 45mins                   25€
Removal of all bikini hair.

Back45 mins                                        18€
Chest and Tummy 45 mins              18€
Abs (Pecs)20mins                            10€
Shoulders  20mins                      10€
Underarms 20mins                        10€
Full Arm 30mins incl. hands            20€
Forearm 20mins hands to elbow    15€
Full Leg, Speedo Line and Feet 50mins                                                   35€ 
Speedo Line                             15€
Buttocks and Crack             30
Male Brazilian:75mins               55   
Removal of all intimate male hair as requested, includes buttocks, crack, scrotum, shaft, speedo.  
Nostril                                         8
Ears                                            8

 Eye Treatments
Show off your eyes, naturally. (Skin Patch Test is required prior to any tinting or perming)
Eyelash Tint: 20mins                         10€
Opens your eyes, no need for mascara.
Eyebrow Tint: 10mins                       8€
Define your eyebrows, frame your face.
Eyebrow Shape: 20mins                  8€
Lifts the eyes, frames the face.
Eyelash Perming: 45mins
Upward curl to make the lashes look longer and open the eyes.                                          40€

Pregnancy Treatments
Mum-To-Be Full Body Massage: 55mins                                                                 60€
Rest as your body is soothed and your skin is pampered with the nourishing properties of Rose oil. A special treatment for a special time, to ease discomforts and nourish the skin.
Renew Rose Facial For Mum-To-Be: 55mins                                                       55€
Using organic rose products suitable for an expectant mother. This second to none facial includes scalp massage cleansing, toning, exfoliation, facial massage and application of hydrating rose mask. Whilst the mask is absorbed hands and forearms are massaged to release strain.
Mum-To-Be Pampering Package: 150mins                                                           115€
This treatment combines our three most popular treatments for pregnant women resulting in the ultimate pampering treat for an expectant mum. Your two and a half hours of treatment starts with a full body massage with a nourishing rose oil, to ease discomforts and nourish the skin.
From one relaxed state to another, with the massage couch lifted for your comfort, we move onto an express facial treatment, to leave your skin cleansed, toned, polished and hydrated. Last but not least we conclude this pampering package with our gorgeous Zen Spa Pedicure, slightly altered for the benefit of pregnant women, to leave you feeling like your walking on air! (Don’t forget your open toed shoes)
Mini Miss Algarve
Designed to introduce girls under the age of 14 to beauty and skin care. Only available with parental consent and before or after parents treatment, or in party of young girls all with parental consent.
Mini Miss Manicure: 20mins                                                                                        17€
Introducing natural nail care to your daughter to teach her how to look after and care for her natural nails or help stop biting and picking.
Mini Miss Facial: 25mins                                                                                               38€
At an age where hormones and make up mean that a good skin care routine is of the up most importance, introduce the significance of skin care to ensure maintenance of healthy skin.
Mini Miss Eyebrow Shape: 15mins                                                                          8€
A good way to show your daughter how to make the most of her eyes. At an age when a lot of girls will try to take matters of eyebrow shaping into their own hands anyway, why not introduce the professional shape.
Mini Miss Eyelash Tint: 20mins                                                                                  10€      
For holidays or a special occasion so the use of mascara is not so necessary. A patch test 24hrs prior to the tinting is vital.
Additional Information
  • Everything is brought to you; from massage couch to music, products and towels, all you need is to provide somewhere private for the treatments to be carried out. I work in gardens, on boats, houses and hotels. Some clients do come to the treatment rooms at the training center in Lagos, where I offer courses in beginners and advanced beauty treatments, if you would prefer to come to the training center, please ask. If you are interested in any of the training courses please enquire.
  • If you would like more than one treatment to be performed at the same time please ask, I link with other professional therapists to offer this service, costs or products may vary.
  • If you are receiving any form of medication or medical treatment, or are, or maybe pregnant, please inform your therapist. Please advice your therapist if any of the above changes. This is for your own well-being and should be notified at time of booking.
  • Gift vouchers and products are available for purchase.
  • Unfortunately only cash payments can be accepted and correct money would be appreciated.
  • Treatment times include a consultation period with your therapist, they do not include set up time or travel time.
  • Depending on your area travel costs may apply, they are never much, please enquire
Contact Details
tel. 913211797

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